Technology that Works

At PerformCare, we embrace the role that technology plays in creating effective, efficient business operations. That's why we employ the latest technical innovations. We offer the capacities of a full-service, national company - without the enhanced administrative costs.

Provider networks

We have great expertise at developing and managing extensive networks for both the public and commercial sectors. We utilize provider management software that is fully integrated with our clinical care management software, creating the most comprehensive system of its kind in the industry. This allows us to:

  • Match individual member needs with the right provider based on a number of key factors, including location, language capacity, and specialization of care
  • Precisely determine a member's location so they can be directed to the appropriate local service providers
  • Take a high level view of a geographic area by provider and location, determining underserved areas and implementing representation

Information system

We have the latest in integrated behavioral health Management Information System (MIS) software that we can customize to meet the most strenuous communication and reporting requirements. Our network uses remote connectivity and functions in modules that can be accessed online anytime.

  • Membership module: captures key member data that is required for specific contracts
  • Clinical module: captures clinical contact and treatment referral information. It also tracks overall treatment programs by level of care, providers seen, and type of service to each member.
  • Relationship manager module: captures information about the providers, contractors, government agencies, and parent companies that PerformCare has a relationship with
  • Claims modules: designed to process claims manually or electronically, by the batch or individually. It is HIPAA compliant and can organize claims by a number of factors.

Document handling, storage, and retrieval

PerformCare uses CabinetNG technology to scan, digitize, catalog, and store documents electronically.