System of Care

PerformCare is an advocate and an active participant in the best System of Care approach. Since 2009, we have been the Contracted System Administrator (CSA) for the state of New Jersey's Department of Children and Families (DCF) Division of Child Behavior Health Services (DCBHS). The PerformCare CSA model features integrative technologies designed to support:

  • Single point of entry and coordination of interactions between individuals and entities involved in successfully promoting recovery and resiliency for children, youth, and young adults
  • Fully integrated administrative services (ASO) that provide children, youth, and young adults with serious emotional disturbances improved access to essential services across multiple agencies and funding streams
  • Improved the quality of wellness and recovery outcomes, focusing on outreach and early intervention, long term prevention, and services that support family stability

Integrated Systems of Care improve the quality of services and outcomes by focusing on long-term prevention, early intervention and services that support family stability, child safety, and personal development. By coordinating funding streams to reduce system inefficiencies and by streamlining support services and programs, Integrated Systems of Care create pathways that improve access to care across agencies.

System of Care components

  • Innovative web-based access for thousands of unique family and community based service providers, which makes information available to provide support and appropriate care for children and youth
  • Expanded access and improved outcomes while managing costs
  • Data-driven Clinical Outcomes Management approach 
    • accomplished through data dashboards, practice anomalies and outcome reports
  • Information Management Decision Support (IMDS)
    • three IMDS tools within System of Care: Needs Assessment, Strength & Needs Assessment, and  Crisis Management Tools
  • Local in-community services 
    • 90% of children/youth receive services in their homes and local communities
    • less than 6% of children/youth need receive out of state placement care

System of Care integrated service approach

Improved communication

"No Wrong Door" approach for children and young adults needing behavioral health services that include comprehensive assessments of needs and strengths according to standardized, validated, and regular approaches.

  • One service plan for multi-system clients across a continuum of care to ensure that all possible service resources are available and utilized for the individual

Improved efficiency

  • Imported and integrated data that crosses multiple care systems while maintaining the integrity and enhancing the utility of the methodologies currently used to meet the data requirements of the categorical programs
  • Customized reporting based on data transparency and the ability to track, collect, and report on qualitative and quantitative information on person specific as well as aggregated levels
  • Reporting that supports state requirements across different agencies with different funding resources and verifies Medicaid status for children

Improved care coordination

  • Call Center with 24/7 care coordination and customer service, triage and dispatch allow for mobile response and crisis stabilization services statewide
  • Relationship building that creates a positive dynamic between parents, advocates, service providers and care managers to help reduce difficult emotional situations

See how the System of Care approach works for one of our programs, PerformCare NJ.

NJ Children's System of Care