Value that Saves

Our cost efficient, time-saving business models and solutions separate us as the nation's leader in behavioral health.

We save you money

At PerformCare, saving you money is important to us. We understand that our clients come first, and it’s our obligation to ensure their fiscal and programmatic health in order for us to be successful, too.

  • Flexible arrangements: Our solutions offer flexible financial arrangements that assure cost savings through risk-sharing models as well as administrative service pricing arrangements.
  • Integrated benefits: Our fully integrated medical and behavioral benefits keep administrative costs low.
  • Customized approaches: We offer a customized, member-oriented approach that coordinates care to improve outcomes and control costs.
  • Experts in financial incentives: We specialize in creating financial incentives between health plan providers. This allows us to decrease administrative expense and eliminate barriers for members.

We save you time

PerformCare’s strengths don’t just set it apart. Our automated and streamlined processes, friendly and always-available customer service, and unparalleled understanding of what matters most to our partners and customers saves you time.

  • 24/7: For any question or concern, call PerformCare at any time. With our automated system, members and providers will be talking to a live person within a short amount of time.
  • We do it right the first time: Providers founded PerformCare, so we know the importance of settling claims swiftly and accurately. We pay providers within 30 days more than 95percent of the time, with an average turnaround of less than 15 days.
  • Accessible network management: Since 1994, PerformCare has quickly and efficiently developed provider networks to meet quality standards for geographical distribution, levels of care spectrum, and quality licensed professional staff.
  • Timely resolutions: We offer fair, helpful guidance and timely resolution, should complaints or grievances arise.