Focus on Members

PerformCare is committed to providing our members with the highest quality, most cost-effective behavioral health care possible. We honor this commitment by:

  • Staying focused on our members and their health, and by:
    • Providing 24/7 access to member services for any questions or concerns
    • Providing the right treatment at the right time
    • Collaborating with providers on innovations for mental health and substance abuse treatment
    • Continually evaluating member satisfaction to measure the appropriateness and effectiveness of received services
    • Involving family members in the treatment and recovery process

Here are just a few ways that we continue to focus on our members:

Provider assistance

We make it easy for our members to find the provider that they need. Using the "Find a Provider" feature, members can search for a provider by name, zip code, proximity, type of service, and more. Members can also call Member Support if they need help choosing a provider.

Community integration

To enhance the quality of our services, we have established relationships with the communities we serve by encouraging feedback. We use committees, comprised of community representatives, to continuously hear how we can improve our performance.

Additional resources

If a service is not covered by PerformCare, we help members identify and access any additional resources that may be available to them through state, county, or regional organizations and programs.

Transportation to appointments

If a member is without transportation to a mental health or substance abuse appointment, PerformCare can assist the member in accessing transportation.