Strengths, Values, and Principles

Our success is built by creating and maintaining connections through:

  • Collaborating with a wide variety of customers to meet program goals while continuously expanding the scope and quality of services offered
  • Connecting clients/members with appropriate providers and services, enabling access to evidence-based practice and critical resources
  • Joining with partners to enhance the availability of employment, housing, transportation and other services for our clients and families

PerformCare's values and principles

The values and principles that we operate by are:

  • Child-centered, addressing the whole child across life domains and building on child and family strengths in all service planning , organization, and delivery
  • Family-focused and family-friendly, with all processes designed to engage families and directly involve them with service planning and delivery, and to assure their needs and goals drive the Individual Service Planning and implementation process
  • Community-based and culturally competent, organizing services around community strengths, in local neighborhoods, and assuring responsiveness to the unique culture of families living in those communities
  • Collaborative across child-serving systems, involving mental health, child welfare, juvenile justice and other system partners in common planning, financing, and contracting processes