Children and Youth Services

PerformCare understands the dedication, compassion, and commitment involved in treating children. Because of this, we encourage our members to contact us if they are worried about their child's emotional or behavioral health. Our compassionate, knowledgeable representatives will review the member's options and answer their questions.

While the specific services that are covered will vary by plan, frequently covered services for children include:

  • Admission to a hospital for 24-hour care for mental or emotional illness
  • 24-hour care and rehabilitation for alcohol or other drug problems in a hospital or non-hospital setting
  • Partial hospital day programs for mental illness or alcohol and other drug problems
  • Outpatient services for mental health or drug and alcohol treatment
  • Detoxification from alcohol and other drugs
  • Prescriptions for medications for the treatment of mental illness, emotional disturbance, and substance abuse problems(Medicines are paid for by your physical health plan.)
  • A resource coordinator or intensive case management services

Depending on the plan, covered services for children and adolescents may also include:

  • Comprehensive, holistic, "wraparound services"
  • Residential treatment facilities
  • Family-based treatment

In addition, PerformCare also has specially designated children's care managers who:

  • Focus on children who live in programs outside of their homes
  • Work with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Work with children who have drug and alcohol issues
  • Are bilingual (although all of our care managers can work with families who speak a language other than English, through a special language line)